The First Public Speech

Hello, my name is Xu Fan. It is my honor to stand here to have the opportunity to attend this interview. I’m optimistic, sanguine and confident. As a biology lover, I’m curious about every creatures in the world. And I’m keen on exploring the microscopic structures of everything, I think it is interesting. Of course, heredity is one of my favorite parts of biology, because this subject can help me analyze the probability of the traits shown in filial, understand the principle of meiosis and even know how to synthesize proteins. Moreover, the applications of heredity is wide-ranged, and they really help many people to solve some confusing problems. I think I have the ability to get to this symposium and discuss widely with my partners. It can not only impart further knowledge but also make my value come true. Despite textbook, I think it is more meaningful to participate in this forum. Thanks to teacher giving me so many sources, I could guarantee that after this experience, I will be able to help more people. In general, I sincerely hope that teacher could give me this chance to attend this conference. That’s all thank you.


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