Vocabulary Brainstorming

Word 1: comprehensive

adj. of wide scope; inclusive; thorough

Because students are studying at school, they have comprehensive marks and comments given by their teacher. And they may go to comprehensive university after graduation. So we can see, “comprehensive” is a word which is widely used in our daily life. The synonyms of this word are integrated, compositive, synthetical.

Word 2: solstice

n. the time of the year when the sun is either farthest north or farthest south of the equator; the first day of summer or winter

It is usually used in geography and astronomy. As we all know, when it is about June 22 or 23, the sun illuminate on the Tropic of Cancer straightly, and everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere has the longest day and the shortest night. Inside the Arctic Circle, sun lights for whole day. But the Southern Hemisphere has the shortest day and the longest night. And the whole night is inside the Antarctic Circle. However, when it is about December 22 or 23, this situation should be turn upside down.

Word 3: allegory

n. a symbolic story in which people, settings, or actions represent ideas or moral qualities

Aesop’s Fables is well known around the world. And this book is famous for its allegories. These allegories are pretty interesting, and the author added a little irony into them. So allegory may be very funny, but we can’t ignore its meanings and metaphors.

Word 4: attrition

n. the act of rubbing away, wearing down, or weakening due to friction; loss of personnel due to retirement or death

In physics, attrition is similar to friction. It means that when something approach the ground and someone is dragging it, the force produced between this thing and the ground called attrition or friction. Also, it can means somebody who is so haggard that he or she may feel very somnolent and sleepy.

Word 5: symposium

n. a meeting for discussing a particular subject; a collection of writings on a subject

There are many kinds of meetings such as congress, forum, exhibition, board, council, commission, committee and so on. Symposium is the meeting for discussing a particular subject, so it is about some academic things. We might discuss mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology. These are all called symposium.

Word 6: panacea

n. a supposed remedy for all diseases or problems; a cure-all

We can find that if we read this word carefully, it is similar to penicillin, which is a kind of medicine used to vanquish some kinds or bacteria and fungi. In real life, panacea don’t exist. And we also can’t defeat all sorts of diseases by using panacea. So when we will make the panacea come true? We don’t know.

Word 7: imbibe

v. to drink; to drink in or absorb; to take in with the mind and keep (as in ideas or principles)

It is often used in some special situations and places such as bar and café. And when someone is participating in a party, “Imbibe!” is a sentence to cheer up.

Word 8: effete

adj. no longer able to produce; worn-out; lacking vigor or moral courage; decadent

The agriculture may use this word to describe the situation of a piece of field. This field is very sparse and it even can’t cultivate any plants. So effete is a word used to describe the bad situation of the field.


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