Narration of the Fly Story

Good morning, everyone. Today I would like to tell you a story that will cheer you up.

Long long ago, an anonymous fly was born in a forest. When he went out from his spawn, he saw that another fly became old and then fell down and died. As he was confused about why it happened, one of the flies told that everyone only had one minute’s life.

The fly realized that he had spent a few seconds just now. Suddenly, he received a list and there were plenty of things needed to be done. At the first time, he felt hopeless because he was too weak to complete these things. Also, the amount of these things was too large, and it was difficult for him to finish them. “Can I really complete these things on time?”he asked himself. “Will they be meaningful for my life?” Time passed and passed, he had only fifty seconds. After some confusion, he decided to do them one by one without hesitation.

He flew to the sky and looked for something that could be done immediately. He saw that a beetle was trapped by spider web, so he found a small brunch and then cut the web. With appreciation, the beetle thanked him and they became friends. They flew everywhere and helped others by themselves. But unfortunately, the beetle fell down to a stream and disappeared.

However, the fly had no time to be sorrowful, because half a minute had passed during his lifetime. He looked at the list and saw that some things had been ticked. And the rest things were probably needed to be done by couple. Luckily, a female fly came to him and then they got married. They spent a lot of time in doing such as playing, reproducing, adventuring and so on. Just after the female fly was bitten by a bird. Almost everything had been done except looking at the starry sky and becoming famous.

But the sun was shining, how he could live to night? And how he could be paid attention to? Just that moment he lowered his head and felt frustrated. Five, four, three, two… He was dying, and no one could help him.

Abruptly, a liquid drop fell down and surrounded his body. Time was nearly paused. At that night, he saw the starry sky successfully. Day by day, millions of years passed, he was still inside the drop. One day a biologist discovered him and named the drop “amber”. The biologist brought the amber to a museum and many people came to see him and took photos. Therefore, he became famous.

He understood suddenly, sometimes we may think that it is hard for us to do something by ourselves. But if we only need to look for some methods or hopes, we can also do everything by our best. So why not try harder? Nothing is impossible, just trust it.



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