Do you think being helpful is a good thing?

One night, I was walking with a cola bottle on a pathway. Beneath the dizzy light, I could only feel the wind blew the trees and gave out a little sound. The leaves fell down and whispered with attrition. I rambled on the street and drank some cola. As the bottle was empty, I unconsciously threw it to the ground. Meanwhile, a cleaner appeared on the other side of the road. She was sedulously sweeping the garbage and collecting it into a large black plastic bag. With a little embarrassment, I picked up the bottle and put it into that bag. She looked at me and smiled, but the smile only lasted for several seconds, then it completely disappeared. She just went on cleaning and sweeping some fallen leaves into the dustpan.

However, this smile reminded me of something happened before. It was so familiar to me that it initiated my retrospection.

That was a Friday evening, I was standing inside a bus. It was too crowded for me to move even one step. Suddenly, there was a seat which no one was sitting on. Rapaciously, I went straight to the seat and ready to capture it. To my surprise, some milk tea was filled with the surface of the seat with some dark pearls. These pearls were rolling as if a group of black eyes were looking at me. It made me a little hesitated and at that time, I nearly lost my head.

Then, an old granny got on the bus. She was carrying a lot of scruffy bags. In the front of her head was full of frowns. Besides, white hair and dense freckles made her face looked very blurry. Since she carried so many bags, and it was a bit ridiculous of her to take them, passengers even glanced at her and mocked.

The steward began speaking loudly, “ Please give a seat to the elderly.” The voice existed for several times, and sitting people looked at each other. However, no one sat on the seats was willing to take such this action.

I saw her lumpy body was always swinging because of the change in the bus’ velocity, it was extremely ramshackle and I expected that she might fall down abruptly. To be honest, I wouldn’t let it happen, and I couldn’t see someone get injured accidentally. Therefore, I took out a pack of tissue and scrubbed that dirty seat without hesitation. I spread out one of my hands and sincerely said, “Granny, please sit on the seat, I just cleaned it, you won’t be worried about it.” She slowly walked to the seat and sat down. “Thank you.” she smiled to me, and this smile seemed unconscious. However, it also looked so naive and friendly. At that moment, my heart beat suddenly, and I felt like I was surrounded by profound pride.

Inside the other hand, the soaked tissue was still grasped. And the refreshing fragrance of milk tea blew to my whole face. I smelled it pleasantly and that odor made me feel so warm. I was not able to help smiling.

Smiles may come from everywhere, they are visceral enough to produce a large amount of positive energy, and these actions impel people to be true, good and beautiful. Giving a hand to others seems negligible, but it really gives happiness to people. Eventually, the helper can also feel enjoyable.


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