Is GMF Good For Us?

Good afternoon everyone, today I would like to share my opinion on the genetically modified food, it is also called GMF.

As we all know, a few years ago, scientists find a way to increase the production as soon as possible. Its name is transgenic technology. The products called GMF are created by combining some excellent plant’s gene in correct order. So there is a question, is genetically modified food safe for us?

In my opinion, it is not harmful for us. Why? First of all, every kinds of GMF has been experimented, and scientists are very careful and rigorous to make sure that it is safe. Secondly, in order to ensure the quality of the traditional crops, farmers will use pesticides that GMF won’t utilize to kill the insects. Thirdly, many people may think that the gene come from the food will be replaced to the human body, but it is a kind of misunderstanding. In fact, wherever the gene comes from, after the container of gene—DNA, is put into the human body, it will be decomposed by enzyme. So it is impossible that food can bring genetic information into the human’s.

On the contrary, GMF benefits us a lot. They can solve the problems of famine and reduce the pollution caused by pesticides. What’s more, GMF can save the cost and make the price cheaper so that we can afford it. Also, the nutrition is more sufficient, and the extra value of it is immeasurable. Because of the creation of GMF, many industry is improved.

These are my opinions in GMF. Thanks for listening!


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