TOEFL Speaking Transcript

Begin to respond after the beep, BEEP!

Everyone have their own school life including me. So today I would like to tell the difference between my junior middle school called Nanshan Experiment School and high school called Shenzhen Middle School. The environment in my junior middle school is clean and tidy, but its area is smaller than my high school. Because the high school is far from my home, I have to live in campus. What’s more, we sometimes contact with our classmates in my junior middle school, but the relationship in my high school is better than junior middle school, we always discuss some questions together in the library. Also, my junior middle school often cares about my study but my high school’s target is to cultivate a comprehensively compete person. I wish that my high school life will be promising in the future. That’s all.

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According to the market situation, we all know that a new electronic device will be cheaper after it is available for quite a few months. So in my opinion, it is better to wait for a while to purchase it. Why? Firstly, the new electronic device will be very expensive, and we even can’t afford it. But if we buy it after the price get down, we can save plenty of money. Secondly, some people may think that a newer device will be available when the new device is cheap. But for me, I think there are not so many differences between such as samsung galaxy s3 and 4. Thirdly, if we buy a new device, there may be some problems in it. For example, recent news say that iphone 6 can be bend. So it is necessary to wait for some time to make sure whether the device is safe. These are all the reasons.

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Chinese education is very popular among all the countries in the world because of its strictness. In China, teachers always care about their students’ study, and they are punished by parents if their mark is low. However, in my opinion, it is not suitable for us to accept rigorous education. And I would like to give some suggestions to it. First of all, I think it is not necessary to judge whether the students can be offered according to their entrance examination. The daily attendance and participation are also important. Second, students need to be given some significant curriculum to grow their comprehensive ability. Third, because of the mountains of homework, I think we can also let the assignments be more interesting. Teachers can let children do some experiment or finish their works on the Internet.

Begin to respond after the beep, BEEP!

Nowadays, technology is developing faster and faster, and smart phones are given more and more ability to do some works instead of the computers. So in my point of view, mobile phones are vital to today’s business. The first reason is that in the past, people need to bring their heavy laptop to their company, but now they can finish their missions by touching on the screen. And the second reason is that we can utilize it to take some photos and videos of the documents if necessary, then it is pretty convenient for us to work for them. Also, thirdly, we are able to manage our life if the businessmen are really busy, they can arrange their schedule with their smart phones, and they don’t need to worry about anything because the mobile phones can do everything as many as they can.


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