The Last Lecture

(The semester has come to an end, and it is unavoidable that the public speaking course will be ended. Before that, I have something more to say…)

Well, today is my last lecture that you can hear from me, after the speech I will quit my job because it is time for my retirement. Now all of you will graduate and then leave the college, I feel a bit missed, so in this place I would like to show something that is very important for you.

First of all, I would like to talk about my childhood. During that time, there was a experience which is meaningful for me. One day I walked thorough a street and saw some boys were bullying a girl. After I knew this, I walked straight to these boys and tried to stop the bullying. However these boys were strong enough and they were higher than me. Obviously, I got badly injured. These boys mocked me and then ran away and disappeared. I felt very disappointed at that time. Surprisingly, that girl stood up and shook my hand. She picked up some wild chrysanthemums and presented to me. I felt very jolly. After this experience, I learned a very significant sentence, “Rose given, fragrance in hand.” It is also appropriate for your daily life.

Next, the word I will share with you is called “pH”. As you all know, scientifically pH is the concentration of the hydrogen ion inside the aqueous solution. Yeah I have taught you already. But in this occasion, I would like to give another meaning about pH. It can also represent your instant emotion. Imagine what will happen when strong acid is in your mind. You will get crazy and irritable. This is not so bad because acidic personalities can be very vigorous and can bring a lot of possessions. But extreme behaviors may be harmful for someone. On the contrary, basic expression can be regard as strictness. These people can concentrate in doing a lot of things but they may be over thinking. Fortunately, if you combine these together, the result is neutral. That is, you created a buffer which can either be acidic and basic.

The third thing I would like to talk with you is called music. In my opinion, every person should be able to play at least one musical instrument or they could sing perfectly. This point of view even becomes some rules in many universities. Also, every time I go to the concert and listen to the symphony, I feel very relaxed. As you hear the orchestra’s harmonic tones, you have no reasons to be not attracted by it. Music brings us many comforts. So as you feel tired, don’t forget to listen to some songs, it will make you feel better. If necessary, express your emotion by singing or playing some musical instruments.

Do you ever know about your dream? Well, some of you may be not clear about it. In my mind, dream is a thing that seems very clear but you even cannot touch it. Once I dreamed to be a scientist. However, as I grew up, I saw that I had no talent in physics. Then I gave up and made a new dream. Day by day, dreams changed and changed again. But I didn’t made one of them come true. You see, I met this kind of hardship and sometimes I have to waive so do you. During your application to some companies, you may be rejected because of some mistakes during your interview. But do you really introspect yourselves, why you don’t accepted by them. You should think about it carefully.

In conclusion, I wish everybody will get a satisfying job, and hope to see you again after several years if I’m wholesome.


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