Why teens smoke cigarettes?

  Nowadays, smoking cigarettes is becoming more and more popular among the people all around the world. As a matter of fact, about one fifth of male adults have developed the habit of smoking, and the amount of people who smokes is still increasing quickly. According to the statics given out by WHO, about three million people died because of smoking, this phenomenon is really hazardous. However, more and more teenagers begin smoking, this would make some big issues for them. However, there is still a question we should ask: whether the cigarettes are innocuous for us? Actually, inside the cigarettes, there are plenty of harmful objects that would evoke some destruction of their organs.

  The three main toxic elements are called carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar. Carbon monoxide can easily get into human’s blood and combine with erythrocyte and make the blood toxic. And nicotine itself contains many pernicious substances. Tar could let our lungs become black and it can also accumulate inside the organs and it can make our faces pale. You see, smoking cigarettes can bring a lot of problems to people. So here comes a question again, why teens smoke cigarettes?

  In my opinion, there are three main reasons. First of all, teenagers think that they are just like adults, not children. As they grow up, they will imitate many adults’ behavior to prove that they are well-grown. And one of the behaviors is smoking. Just because most adults who smoke cigarettes have no problems, they are crazy and adamant enough that they won’t consider the result and the consequence of smoking.

  And the second reason can be known that some people think that smoking is a kind of fashion. At the present generation, smoking is the topic which is talked globally. Boys would smoke cigarettes in order to make themselves more attractive and be liked by some girls. Also, there are many people smoke in some famous movies. These people are mostly a kind of ostentatious boss and their majesty can’t be easily broken because smoking makes them cooler and shows that everyone should listen to them. If people have meals in some restaurants, they will smoke cigarettes to gain enjoyment. Teens tend to follow the fashion at present so they smoke.

  The last reason is that teens are not able to understand the society. They are under large pressure and they just want to reduce the stress by some methods such as smoking cigarettes. The origin of that pressure comes from many ways. For example, parents and teachers’ criticism may be the major cause of the stress, or some of the teens they don’t like other people. Their heart get pain by that, and they decide to smoke cigarettes and imbibe some satiating substances in order to diminish their pressure and take them away.

  Here is still the fact that smoking is becoming more and more popular. However, the harm of smoking may cause bad inflection to the teenagers. The toxic objects will make them keep smoking because they stimulate their brains with the reasons which are hard to determine now. I would like to accentuate that cigarettes are not panacea, they are not able to heal all our illnesses or diseases. In general, smoking has more disadvantages than benefits, and it takes away not only our wealth but our health. In conclusion, I really hope that every teenagers won’t smoke cigarettes, their life awaits, and they shouldn’t give up easily because of some hardships.



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