A Debate: Parents Should be Able to Choose the Sex of Their Children

Honorable judges, dear opponents, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I stand in strong affirmation of today’s resolution that Heart of Darkness is a thoroughly racist text.

The issue suggests that in this round we shall focus on the time being. Thus, to win the debate, Con side must prove that there are better ways now to solve the problems that can only be solved by choosing children’s sex, and prove that parents’ choosing children’s sex should be completely banned.

Contention 1:

Affordable and ethical technology.

Coming to the issue today, my opponents (might) say the way to choose the children’s sex is abortion. But to get the facts straight, according to PGD, a Big Step Forward written by professor James Walls, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, which is abbreviated to PGD, is the technology being used to choose children’s sex since 1970s. Human’s sex is not decided until 20 days after fertilization. By PGD, parents can select children’s sex during the 20 days by changing the concentration of X and Y chromosomes. It provides a possibility of 75% to make the baby’s sex as expected. This means, by PGD, parents can choose their baby’s sex without killing anybody, and the selected babies would be as healthy and clever as the unselected ones. Now, PGD treatments are available all around the world. Many of them like the UK and China, PGD treatments are only used for special medical purposes. Others like USA, people can get PGD as long as they want to. The average price for a PGD treatment is from 1000 dollars to 3000 dollars. It does not require surgeries. Therefore it is proved over the years that a sex selection is affordable for the majority, and it does not harm anybody. So why shouldn’t we meet people’s satisfactory by PGD?

Contention 2:

Genetic disease.

Sub-point a.

Sex-limited inheritance causes hereditary diseases that are only caught by one sex.

According to Study of Hereditary Disease written by P Goodwin, there are over 4000 different kinds of hereditary diseases that are discovered. In every 100 new born babies, 3 to 5 of them get at least one hereditary disease. What’s more, a big part of the hereditary diseases is only caught by one certain sex, and most of them are incurable. For instance, over 250 kinds are only caught by male. The other sex carries the gene, which causes that disease, and passes it on to the next generation. The most famous example is Queen Victoria’s hemophilia. She had nine children, all her boys suffered from Hemophilia A, and her girls became the carriers of it. The hemophilia spread widely through European imperial families by marriages. Many royal men, including one of Victoria’s offspring, Prince Leopold died from small injuries because of Hemophilia. For now, we have a best way to prevent the diseases from occurring. That is to let the parents with genes that would cause the diseases to select the sex of their children. In this way, we can safely calculate that at least 20,000 people have been saved.

Sub-point b.

Chromosomal abnormality.

According to a study done by professor David C. Connor of UC Davis, 0.017% of babies’ sex chromosomes are abnormal. This makes them neither male nor female, but something else like intersex. For the time being, we have no comprehensive law to protect these people’s rights. For instance, most of the 224 countries have only restrooms for male and female. Which restrooms shall the abnormal ones go into? The only way to prevent them from getting hurt in this situation is to prevent them from being born. And this requires sex selection. My dear opponents might argue that this is sexism. However, it needs to be clarified in advance that this is not sexism, but the only thing we can do to protect these people in a world with sexism, unless my opponents have a way to kill sexism right now.

In conclusion, parents should be able to choose the sex of their children.

So please vote for us. Please vote for pro.


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