[He For She] Gender Equality Should be Accepted

Gender equality, as somebody knows, is a kind of human right. For some men, this may be a kind of discrimination for males. But in history, females were despised. They were not able to do the same works as men do, and most of them were kept in house and did sweeping, mopping, cleaning and so on. With the indignation of inequality, females had proceeded so many events that the consciousness about feminism influenced a lot of people. It seems that this noun have been widely discussed currently, but the phenomenon of inequality is still existing. Thus, I would like to reiterate that gender equality should be accepted by the people all over the world.

First of all, females could also accomplish some important roles, and they are not incapable. We may think that, how could these weak women finish so much works? But in fact, some females could show even stronger leadership than that of men. For instance, Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, has powerful skills about basketball, and she is also talented in taking charge of the whole state. Moreover, such women like Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Angela Dorothea Merkel and so on, have intensive powers of managing countries. Because of their real capacity of political events, they get trusts from civilians. Even some failed male candidates have to appreciate them. In addition, more and more women have some jobs like doctors, secretaries, accountants. And the percentage will remain increasing. Therefore, it is true that women are capable to accomplish some works even better that some men could also do.

Secondly, inequality should not be account for physiological difference. Physically, women seem vulnerable since they could not run as fast as men and hoist something that is in the same weight. But this cannot be the evidence that gender inequality is obvious. On the contrary, both male and female have their own individual qualities, and these qualities should be put in the same position. For example, many investigations conclude that women could be more intelligent in dealing with the problems during communication, while men have strength about giving out intellectual suggestions. In many companies, the employers should balance the ratio between men and women so that different variety of people could take charge of separate departments and it lead these companies to a very successful future. The reason is, of course, men and women could concentrate on working for their own jobs without any disturbance.

Thirdly, men and women have been in nearly the same conditions. In childhood, boys and girls are placed in the same classes, and both them could play jovially. I remembered that once some of my classmates and I played the game which called Play House. Boys pretended to be the son, nephew, father, uncle, or grandfather. And girls acted as daughter, niece, mother, aunt, or grandmother. At that time, we even didn’t realize that the world actually ever had gender inequality before the current world. Also, it was unforgettable for me that in my junior middle school, some girls were really good at study, and I admire them very much. Men and women accept the same education, and they share their experiences together. Gender equality have been completely accepted by students. And I believe that they could be experts in a lot of fields of subjects in the future. These proofs, visibly, draw the conclusion that gender equality should be accepted.

Recently, the goodwill ambassador of the United Nation, Emma Watson, also a successful actress and scholar, held the speech which was called “He for She”. During this lecture, Emma pointed every people, including men, should pay attention to the gender inequality, and understand the realistic significance of feminism. Also, she claimed that people ought to show the same respect for the gulf between male and female, and take actions to break the current situation. After this event, gender equality was accepted and propagandized by more and more people. And I believe that more and more people will know about this event and gender equality could be a very popular spirit globally.


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