Are we under the Dumbest Generation?

Nowadays, the technology all over the world had been well-developed, and people could get much more information from some innovative media. But recently, the controversy about whether the current people are really mentally damaged is still prevailing. The dumbest generation, a new term emerged which describes some aspects of our daily life, seems speciously acceptable. However, even we, who don’t want to be the dumbest people, are definitely bonded to the social background. The use of some technologies might not be bad for us. As long as we can wisely utilize the neighborhood sources, scads of problems could be solved.

Analyze the phenomena happened in the society, we can rapidly discern that we are involved in objective world that we didn’t need to search for something empirically. On the contrary, modern techniques are demanding. For instance, “The Net is becoming a universal medium, the conduit for most of the information that flows through my eyes and cars and into my mind.” (Source 4) Someone may argue that such tools like Google make us thoughtless and dependent, but it is more important that the sharing of knowledge is far more a necessity. In academia, for example, scholars communicate with each other, consult about information they get, and study from other valuable points of view.

Of course, composition is frequent during campus life; it penetrates the whole culture with the range from complicated philosophy to precision-needed mathematics. Traditional writing skills are not able to gratify our demands for the convenient software that increases the efficiency of composing our essays. “The modern world of online writing, particularly in chat and on discussion threads, is conversational and public, which makes it closer to the Greek tradition of argument than the asynchronous letter and essay writing of 50 years ago.” (Source 7) Without this system of writing, the flourishing of human world might be delayed since people could not participate in such debates for the advance of some revolutionary realms.

Still, conventional education accentuates perspectives of archaic things, and we can truly benefit a lot from these. We may buy some books and then throw them into shelf without having some look. Instead, we open the computer and try to catch the what people think about in the network. Inevitably, plagiarism may be embraced since people cannot take the endeavor. But it is inexorable that in this generation, many intellectual individuals has been sharing their own prospects globally and gratuitously.

Moreover, throughout this generation, people are experiencing a new world filled with instant repasts.

In conclusion, we are not under the dumbest generation because we have our points of view to be expressed, and we can make use of every resource due to the previous observations.  It is necessary to know that new things are actually based on old things.


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