Rhetorical Analysis of The Locavore’s Dilemma

Problems about locavores are widespread controversial topics that initiate various debates about what should be given regarding locavores’ intention, yet in this article, Pelletier claims that there exists a dilemma facing their appetites. With balanced but bigoted tone, the passage gives out comprehensive analysis of this issue.

First of all, the author point out the definition of this word: The “locavores” as they are called, claim that 100-mile food is the way to a more sustainable agriculture and consumption. But he also points out some exception, such as coffee drinkers and chocolate addicts, living in Vancouver, a city that lacks the resources needed to supply the products they need.

Then, Pelletier expands this range toward the manufacture of such products. Deficiency of the materials will heavily strike the farms, markets and factories in that place. Thus, the author endows the definition of locavores with the application of such domesticated animals that are dependent on the feeds. The lack of qualities will further cause the famine of local people.

To defend his claim, he asserts that the concept of local consumption is not that kind of production with materials produced 3000 miles away, in his way, he could say that this kind of diet needs amendment: The emphasis should not be so much on local as it should be about the search for efficient and low environmental impact. Consecutive evidence confirms that transports are not important factors that affect the prices and qualities of the goods. Rather, location exerts huge effects toward the locavores.

In the last paragraph, the author reclaims the definition of locavores, while the importance of access to food is generally emphasized throughout this article, since it will not only influence the local consumers, but also impact other creatures demanding those local products.



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