Experimenting with Interest

Looking back to my experiences during this winter vacation, I feel a bit frustrated because unlike other students, I didn’t accomplish any big goals. However, most of my vacation was devoted to preparation about various competitions. One of these competitions, Rising Star Chemistry Challenge (RSC), was so crucial to me that I thought I was just a dedicated scientist who could make a big change toward the world immediately. Candidly, I could say that this winter vacation was not regretting but enjoying.

Why I want to devote a lot of time into this competition? I can be traced back to sometime before winter vacation begin: On December 12, 2015, I, along with my other three partners, participated in the preliminary contest of RSC. After several days since the preliminary ended, we knew that our team was the fourth place in Southern China, and the fourteenth place in the entire country. We were going to Beijing on March 4 the next year for the final contest with other fifty-nine groups all over China.

Being well prepared for the theoretical knowledge, we were confident enough to use these theories to explain a lot of chemical phenomena. However, the final contest said it evaluates groups through experiments. This was a big challenge for us, since we haven’t face this form of science competition that examined our experimental skills.

“We have no excuse to escape it, because we have to be confident enough to achieve it.” I said to my group members that we could be well-prepared if we do experiments during winter vacation. With satisfaction, they agreed with me that with enough practices, our endeavor will be reciprocated with joy of success. I applied for a laboratory out of school, and we were rallied together three times a week to proceed different experiments.

Many people think that doing experiments is monotonic, but for me, it is very interesting though time and patience should be given. Actually, there were many kinds of equipment that I hadn’t even seen before. And I could sight the unknown world of chemistry due to the rigid procedure. During titration, I saw a liquid drop, touching the surface of the standard solution, switched the color of the indicator a little, them disappeared with the color return. During distillation, I saw the gas particles condensed to liquids, them slide down the pipe, collected in the Erlenmeyer flask them merged with the sea of pure water… These experiments became not complicated for me. On the contrary, they became very lively, allowing me to explore the entire world of nature.

This winter vacation was meaningful for me, not because it was filled with massive affairs that were entertaining, but for it enhanced my sense of curiosity, a sort of characteristic that could lead to triumph.


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