Keep the Annoying Hummingbird From Singing

Like many present-day students, I regard music as a form of relaxation that provide me with a lot of joy. But in addition to listening to different kinds of music, I even “perform” it just like a hummingbird randomly singing with some casual tones. Despite my penchant for diverse music styles instead of leaning to merely one singer, I develop a habit of humming during my shower, since the relatively small room gives every kind of sound a sense of resonance, making even a breeze sounds echoic and smooth. After that I even improvise such melodies by myself, singing them aloud, and forget about them, then remake another melody when permitted. I blend classics, rocks, pops, and other forms of music that are appreciable into one single music style. Even when walking with friends, I hum the strange music out, regardless of occasions. This eccentricity, however, leads to a potential trouble.

As I was doing an English exam, I saw a question asking about Beethoven’s personal influence toward other musicians. Without thinking about my responses, I hummed Song of Joy—one of Beethoven’s most famous works—with dynamic tone. Noticing that other students stared at me surprisingly, I ceased singing and continued doing the exam.

After this incidence, I introspected myself about my inopportune behaviors. It is true that singing music could be satisfying, but occasions are also necessary to be considered. Generally said, “Bind the sack before it be full.” Mania to a seemingly positive aspect could also become destructive. Therefore, with rational manners and attitudes, I should rather pay attention to the situations, and doing it I also need to be prudent, preventing myself from being addicted to singing.


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