Moral Dilemma – To Enrich Who?

To enrich the world or to enrich myself, this problem has been intrigued me since I started to consider what steps I should take to plan my high school life. In the large scale, it is necessary to think about the entire society that has some imperfect aspects, and as a part of the global community, I have the duty to take actions to provide solutions to these problems. But to the microscopic view, enriching myself seems to be the most important one, for it is truly a determinant of being permitted to get opportunities to improve the world with better insights and techniques.

This problem is significant since it decides whether I could be in the future. It is true that fulfilling my own goals could lead to a better life and then, a better world. However, the cost of merely enriching myself is enormous, for it is a selfish action and certainly violates my moral standard: Self-development should not be taken to solely benefit personal interests. Moreover, the selfishness behind the self-enrichment can cause further reputes from other people, which put limits to later enrich the community. But as I want to improve the world as possible as I can, the restriction due to lack of individual credibility and academic experience is also an obstacle to effectively develop the society. Meanwhile, competition among students is so intensive that they could develop strong insights to solve many problems simultaneously. These insights, however, usually lead to conflicts among individuals who advocate their own solutions while completely oppose others. That is regarded as another violation of my morality, since in my opinion, cooperation is important in today’s value and is truly helpful in ultimately create a comprehensive and sustainable set of plans. Furthermore, I am willing to learn from the advantages posed by other people’s ideas to reduce my own disadvantages, which seems contradicting to most competitors.

Nevertheless, to receive education is to apply what I learn from classes in specific areas, and I should be active to propose certain solutions to the world’s problems with my present knowledge scale. The world is in a dynamic situation with various people putting impact into it, so I should not be quiet and wait for opportunities to come and call me to improve the world. And through campus study, I could integrate the advantages into my own system and gain access to get rid of such issues that cannot be resolved due to the disadvantages I have previously. This progressive process, eventually, will lead to achievement of a perfect, optimistic and advancing life.

Therefore, rather than paying too much attention to reach the balance between the world and myself, cherishing the present is better to think about such problems in a simpler way. Whatever I have now, if I do what I can, my power will show that I am a person with no rigorous and absolute discrimination about what’s good and what’s bad.


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