An Unusual Practice Book

I have bought a book about concepts and practices of courses during my high school life. It seems so common that nearly everyone else could purchase it for the purposes of enhancing their knowledge. However, for me, this book is very unusual and provides me with well-rounded treatment toward other kinds of books.

With the aim to effectively improve my skill, I firstly used it for training my brain to get to understand about something inside the textbook. The structure inside the content was just well-designed that I did not want to even fold the page unintentionally. Only two colors were displayed in those pages, bringing me with refreshing air to calm me down and work hard. With blanks waiting me to be filled in, I looked around the textbook and recognized such difficult points deeper in my mind. There were always some pop-quizzes after the review lists’ blanks are completed, which made me have greater impression to such knowledge.

Accidentally, I saw neglected blocks of texts that appeared under the main content. They illustrated how the knowledge could be traced to some historical facts, or presented some ideas that are similar to what I learned. I read them loud, and felt really surprised at how those what I studied could be applied to everyday-life aspects.

I decided to keep the book without selling or abandoning it. It was a symbol of my self-accomplishment on such field of high school courses that I felt interested in. Moreover, with those expansions of such knowledge, I could also read back to access something that was unnecessary in exams, but was really useful in real life.

Actually, it is called Five Years of Gaokao and Three Years of Practices.


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