Who Am I For Ben Franklin?

There are lot of things to say about one’s personality and individuality based on different classification systems. Due to Franklin’s theory, I am classified into both those that are movable and those that move, depending on in what occasions I am in.

Generally, when I am in businesses, I “move” by actively participating in the work while pay as much effort as I can to have my job done well. If things can get better, I do self-encouragement, which is the best way for me to dedicate much more into the work. Introspection is another way for reducing such mistakes and taking more viable actions. Though sometimes, I may not be the most leading factor for propelling the process, I still would like to devote myself to improve the efficiency and the result.

But as I am getting close to others, I naturally behave phlegmatically and do not put to much emphasis about my self-interest while forget about others’ feelings. Instead, carefully listening to others’ points of view may trigger more open discussion and topics for us. Therefore, I become “movable” in this time. As people get along with me, I pay attention to their will, following their interests if they sound not bad for me. In my opinion, the development of relationship is due to catering to each other, and such things could be “moved” when they come up with consensus.


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