Adventure Time’s Impact on Myself

Since I was twelve years old, Adventure Time has been my favorite cartoon series. Not only for its social influence, this TV program is considered as one of the cartoons that fit people from different age groups. It mainly tells the story about Finn – a teenage boy born in the land of Ooo, and Jake – a magic dog having metamorphic power. They take various adventures to discover unsolved mysteries about the world. At the same time, a lot of troubles come to disrupt their original thoughts and leave me with suspense. Meanwhile, there are also a large amount of awkward matters that sometimes would be very important in pushing the entire story forward. With the development of Finn and Jake’s relationships with many other characters, this story gradually become more and more complex, and there are a lot of unanticipated incidents that would happen abruptly to change the audience’s mind.

Although the style of painting seems immature, the plot seems to be full of insights and there is almost no exaggerate depiction of those characters’ behaviors. For real, the main cause of my favor for this cartoon is that there are many moral questions worth being considered among the story line. However, those problems, with Finn and Jake’s ability to discern good and evil within specific occasions, could be quelled when certain effective actions are taken. For instance, some characters initially considered as antagonists actually do not intend to do something bad. On the contrary, there are a lot of story regarding these characters’ personal experience that shape their personalities and behavioral patterns. One of this kind of characters that I pay attention to is Ice King, who kidnaps a lot of princesses at the beginning of the story. At first, Finn and Jake seek to fight against him, but one day they discover that Ice King is originally an industrious archaeologist but faced a tragedy: After he put on the magic crown – discovered in an ancient site, which gave him power to produce ice, he became old and mad, leading to his wife’s divorce with him. From then on, Finn and Jake decide to help him out of the influence and successfully persuade him not to kidnap princesses. Moreover, as the story progresses, they find out that Ice King has been good to one of their friends during her childhood, which further explains that he, as well as other ostensibly vicious character, is able to be friendly if people change their viewpoints. Even though Ice King has done a lot of notorious deeds in the land of Ooo and troubled Finn and Jake a lot, the problem is eventually put to an end with peace.

In fact, there exists a lot of personal conflicts among different characters, including Finn, who always wants to find out what his family is, and Jake, who is born to be distinct and thought to be ominous. But due to the help from other characters, they come to understand that such issues are inevitable, and the best way to reduce the pain is to optimistically and bravely embrace them. As time goes by, people soon will diminish their negative comments and come to approach you without aggression.


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