On the Nature of Clubs

There are a lot of clubs that are very intriguing for students to join in. However, it is usually perceivable that the leader of the club, who takes the absolutely highest charge of the entire community, forces other participants to follow his or her instruction unconditionally. This phenomenon is very popular among the entire campus atmosphere, though a lot of students feel disgusted by the leader’s oligarchical will.

Generally, clubs are groups that contain certain members with similar interests to conduct such things that are very distinctive. Of course, they should not be considered as companies because they are not so relationship-based. But nowadays, many clubs in campus are acting like that, appalling a lot of potentially personalists to take part in the job. It is true that a personalist leader could be acclaimed by its mere ability to organize the entire club well, but this kind of ideology should not be perpetuated even in the campus community. Or I may consider them as caring too much about their fame and reputation.

Some cases are, obviously, that personalist leaders could lead the clubs into huge success. As we know about such reputed clubs for their grandiose works done by the entire staff, and those crafts are not solely created by the leaders, but by their fellows. The leaders just need to make some rumors or vocally decorate the entire clubs. But what about the common? They could only listen carefully to the leader’s dogma, ensuring their works are not intended to interest themselves, but to interest their leaders. Isn’t this a kind of humanitarian terrorism? Maybe the clubs could be famous for their production, but I’m sure that their members are not glad at seeing such effortless personalist leader being reputed by a lot of people who get acquainted with the clubs. Members need freedom, too.

A club shall be a place for students to take more charges on, regardless of what positions the participants are in. By doing this, the clubs may be more active in developing their professions and get more access to various resources because most of the members are willing to do jobs. Also, people make mistakes; it is less risky to let a lot people to have commissions about the plans rather than to make a leader directly command an army to recklessly fight for clubs themselves. It is more joyful for all the members being reputed if such a club like this get famous. Generally said, “Rose given, fragrance in hands.” If we get conscious about the development of clubs, it should be clear that certain club should not be filled with so many hierarchies, and students should take their full determination to get the clubs more efficient in order to fulfill their own interests.


Keep the Annoying Hummingbird From Singing

Like many present-day students, I regard music as a form of relaxation that provide me with a lot of joy. But in addition to listening to different kinds of music, I even “perform” it just like a hummingbird randomly singing with some casual tones. Despite my penchant for diverse music styles instead of leaning to merely one singer, I develop a habit of humming during my shower, since the relatively small room gives every kind of sound a sense of resonance, making even a breeze sounds echoic and smooth. After that I even improvise such melodies by myself, singing them aloud, and forget about them, then remake another melody when permitted. I blend classics, rocks, pops, and other forms of music that are appreciable into one single music style. Even when walking with friends, I hum the strange music out, regardless of occasions. This eccentricity, however, leads to a potential trouble.

As I was doing an English exam, I saw a question asking about Beethoven’s personal influence toward other musicians. Without thinking about my responses, I hummed Song of Joy—one of Beethoven’s most famous works—with dynamic tone. Noticing that other students stared at me surprisingly, I ceased singing and continued doing the exam.

After this incidence, I introspected myself about my inopportune behaviors. It is true that singing music could be satisfying, but occasions are also necessary to be considered. Generally said, “Bind the sack before it be full.” Mania to a seemingly positive aspect could also become destructive. Therefore, with rational manners and attitudes, I should rather pay attention to the situations, and doing it I also need to be prudent, preventing myself from being addicted to singing.

[He For She] Gender Equality Should be Accepted

Gender equality, as somebody knows, is a kind of human right. For some men, this may be a kind of discrimination for males. But in history, females were despised. They were not able to do the same works as men do, and most of them were kept in house and did sweeping, mopping, cleaning and so on. With the indignation of inequality, females had proceeded so many events that the consciousness about feminism influenced a lot of people. It seems that this noun have been widely discussed currently, but the phenomenon of inequality is still existing. Thus, I would like to reiterate that gender equality should be accepted by the people all over the world.

First of all, females could also accomplish some important roles, and they are not incapable. We may think that, how could these weak women finish so much works? But in fact, some females could show even stronger leadership than that of men. For instance, Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, has powerful skills about basketball, and she is also talented in taking charge of the whole state. Moreover, such women like Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Angela Dorothea Merkel and so on, have intensive powers of managing countries. Because of their real capacity of political events, they get trusts from civilians. Even some failed male candidates have to appreciate them. In addition, more and more women have some jobs like doctors, secretaries, accountants. And the percentage will remain increasing. Therefore, it is true that women are capable to accomplish some works even better that some men could also do.

Secondly, inequality should not be account for physiological difference. Physically, women seem vulnerable since they could not run as fast as men and hoist something that is in the same weight. But this cannot be the evidence that gender inequality is obvious. On the contrary, both male and female have their own individual qualities, and these qualities should be put in the same position. For example, many investigations conclude that women could be more intelligent in dealing with the problems during communication, while men have strength about giving out intellectual suggestions. In many companies, the employers should balance the ratio between men and women so that different variety of people could take charge of separate departments and it lead these companies to a very successful future. The reason is, of course, men and women could concentrate on working for their own jobs without any disturbance.

Thirdly, men and women have been in nearly the same conditions. In childhood, boys and girls are placed in the same classes, and both them could play jovially. I remembered that once some of my classmates and I played the game which called Play House. Boys pretended to be the son, nephew, father, uncle, or grandfather. And girls acted as daughter, niece, mother, aunt, or grandmother. At that time, we even didn’t realize that the world actually ever had gender inequality before the current world. Also, it was unforgettable for me that in my junior middle school, some girls were really good at study, and I admire them very much. Men and women accept the same education, and they share their experiences together. Gender equality have been completely accepted by students. And I believe that they could be experts in a lot of fields of subjects in the future. These proofs, visibly, draw the conclusion that gender equality should be accepted.

Recently, the goodwill ambassador of the United Nation, Emma Watson, also a successful actress and scholar, held the speech which was called “He for She”. During this lecture, Emma pointed every people, including men, should pay attention to the gender inequality, and understand the realistic significance of feminism. Also, she claimed that people ought to show the same respect for the gulf between male and female, and take actions to break the current situation. After this event, gender equality was accepted and propagandized by more and more people. And I believe that more and more people will know about this event and gender equality could be a very popular spirit globally.

pH and Personality

We are sure that pH could represent our probable personality according to the color in pH test paper. Because if pH is smaller than 7, the color tends to become red, and if pH is bigger than 7, the color tends to become blue. According to Color Psychology, red is the feeling of sensation, and blue is like the feeling of reasonable thinking.

As we all know, acid’s pH is probably smaller than 7, some strong acid may be harm to people. But if the acid is weak enough, like the cola we drink, we can feel very relaxed. That’s why the reason acid’s color is red and it represents the feeling of sensation. Too much sensation will make us behave excessively. If pH equals to 0, we even can’t feel anything. So how about the base? Its pH is bigger than 7, and the blue color in test paper can make us thinks more comprehensively. Some surveys show that with blue color, our efficient of working will be higher. Phenolphthalein is another tester which can turn to red from transparent if it is attached to base. Because phenothalin is neutral, so  Therefore base represent the feeling of reasonable thinking.

For me, my pH is about 9. Why? Because my thinking is a bit more reasonable than sensitive. Sometimes I face some problems, I will mostly think about the details of them. Then I will consider the situation. But sometimes it is not appropriate for me to think in reasonable way, so I would like to choose some sensitive methods to make some idea.

If I meet some people who behave acidly, my reasonable thinking will be decreased because they can give me some sensible things and impart them to me. So I will behave neutrally among them. But as I meet some base people, I will be the most sensible person. I can make them more sensible while my reasonable thinking will be not decreased. So I think I’m lucky to be a weak based boy, because I’m not influenced by others strongly.

In conclusion, pH is a very magnificent thing, we can determine it in many other ways. This is only my opinion.