My Value of Exploration

Exploration means discover something innovative with dedication. It does not aim to find out some groundbreaking news that necessarily shock everyone. Rather, exploring is interesting and it could bring people with insightful ideas. Especially in the field of science, being explorative makes me feel vigorous, since there are unsolved mysteries and there are almost no limitations put ahead of this process.

Science, for me, is not only a subject that is important during campus life, but also an agent to discover the realm of the world. As I was young, I was initially bounded to the field of science while measuring the acidity of juices. “What will be the color of the test paper when I added it with these beverage drops?” The question arose from my mind, and once the yellowish stripe was dropped, it instantly turned orange, which astounded me because of this unexpected coloration. However, the exploration was incomplete. I asked my teacher what were the principles beyond the color change. Instead of directly answering my question, she encouraged me that the exploration was not instructed, it ought to be done by individual itself. So the mystery left in my mind until one day, I came to experiment with the acidity and found out truth about juices’ taste.

This time, the experiment was quantitative, which means the result will be shown based on values, not observations. I began to know that pH, a scale of measuring the acidity of certain solutions, is widely applied in the field of chemistry. Using a scientific method called titration, I could figure out the accurate value using equation. Eventually, the results were shaped, and I felt joyful about the exploration about the acidity of juices, which uncovered parts of the mystery behind these life-common merchandises. But, only this exploration was propelling, and it set basis for my further research about other field of science.

During high school time, I participated in an activity held by grassroot organization that sought to conserve the mangrove forest near the coast. I took what I learned from experimentation and this time, conducted measurements such as population density and the acidity of the soil. By comparing the data with standard values, problems about pollution and ecological devastation emerged, which let the organization persuade the government to take the endeavor to resolve these ailments and return back citizens with better environment. To this point, I was really proud of myself, since exploration actually did what I think it could not do. And exploring, with its unprecedentedly innovative ideas, fulfilled my experience through various field study.

In fact, just like the conservation of mangrove forest, series of natural phenomena enthralled me and attracted me to explore it. But this process demands bolsters from someone else, so it’s really important to coordinate with each other to have the works done. Exploration, therefore, is definitely not individual business. If I could have greater relationships with teammates, the exploration could be proceeded more successfully. So, to my belief, as the results are accessed, through cooperation, more social efforts could be brought out. And in the light of development of technologies, I, along with cooperators, will step forward to have more exploration.